How to add countdown(coming soon) in instapage template

Many websites use countdown timers to show the amount of time left before the release of movie, book, product, website, etc. An attractive “coming soon” page can show your potential site visitors that you mean business and that they should check you out in the future. If you really impress them with a good-looking page, they are likely to keep you in mind. In this article, I will show you how to add countdown timer in instapage landing page template !

Step 1: Take HTML block

Open your instapage template editor and take HTML block from the tools.

Step 2: Download Script from below link


1)      After download script from GitHub open copy the HTML Structure of SyoTimer and past in HTML block.
2)      Now copy the script and the past in javascript, as in screenshots.

Now save your template and  check the output.

Step 3: Testing

you can check live working countdown timer / coming soon instapage page template demo here:  Live Preview

Thanks for checking out our tutorial, go ahead and share your experiences with the world using the comments below!

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