8 Best WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugins

If you happen to run a business that requires appointments and reservations, it’s important to find the best fit. That’s why we want to outline the utmost best WordPress booking plugins to choose from.

It is essential to scrutinise the features offered by each WordPress booking plugin to ensure it provides all the necessary functionality and allows room for your business to thrive and expand.

Here are some essential features to consider when selecting a WordPress booking plugin:

  • Customizable calendar placement on your website
  • Mobile-friendly interface for convenient booking on smaller devices
  • Payment acceptance options and the ability to disable payment processing if needed
  • Online customer access to view and edit bookings
  • Schedule customization, including the ability to remove holidays and set the free time between appointments 
  • Email confirmations and reminders for admins and users

These features are crucial for a comprehensive booking plugin, and it’s important to test and review them based on your business requirements to ensure you choose the most suitable option.

An In-Depth Look at the Best WordPress Booking Plugins

1. Amelia

2. Booking Calendar

3. Easy Booked

4. Bookly

5. Appointment Hour Booking

6. Easy Appointments

7. Salon Booking System

8. Simply Schedule Appointments 

1. Amelia

Amelia is a trustworthy booking solution designed to automate the process of scheduling appointments and reserving event slots online.  a user-friendly booking plugin that incorporates cutting-edge technology and an intuitive interface to deliver a high-quality booking experience for both you and your clients.

The booking calendar in Amelia presents services and events in a well-structured and user-friendly way, allowing your clients to easily locate a suitable time slot for their appointment or secure their spot for an upcoming event.

2. Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar is a widely used plugin for WordPress that allows users to easily manage bookings through a user-friendly interface. It enables displaying calendar availability, accepting bookings from website visitors, and efficiently managing them.

The plugin offers synchronisation with other services to prevent duplicate bookings and has a variety of features to accommodate different booking requirements. Whether you have a property for rent or run a service-based business, Booking Calendar can streamline your booking process effectively.

3. Easy Booked

Easy Booked is a robust appointment booking plugin that offers a well-organised system for managing bookings.

Features of the Free version
  • Easy installation
  • Compatibility with all WordPress versions
  • A customizable booking calendar
  • Integration with WordPress
  • A powerful backend interface for managing appointments
  • Filterable and searchable booking list

4. Bookly

Bookly is a WordPress plugin that enables online bookings and automates reservation systems on websites. It simplifies the management of booking calendars, services, and client databases, saving time and money for businesses. With over 60,000 businesses already utilising Bookly, it serves as a comprehensive solution for various industries, from hair salons to wealth management.

The plugin offers a free version to get started, and as your business grows, you can upgrade to the paid Bookly Pro add-on and additional add-ons for advanced features.

5. Appointment Hour Booking

Appointment Hour Booking is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create booking forms for appointments. Users can visually select a start time from a set of available options based on the defined “open” hours and service duration. The plugin is versatile and can be used for various purposes, such as booking medical services, personal training sessions, event room reservations, language classes, and more.

Each calendar can offer multiple services with different durations and prices. This plugin ensures efficient management of availability by automatically blocking booked time slots to prevent double-booking, making it suitable for any service/resource booking that requires selecting start times. 

The booked time is blocked once the booking is completed.

6. Easy Appointments

Easy Appointments is a highly regarded scheduling plugin available on WordPress.org, currently being used on more than 20,000 websites. It boasts an impressive 4.5-star rating based on over 110 user reviews. The plugin offers extensive support for multiple locations, services, and workers, giving you the flexibility to create a unified booking form or separate scheduling calendars for each service, location, or worker. Additionally, you have the option to customise the booking forms by adding your own custom fields, allowing you to gather additional information from your customers as needed.

7. Salon Booking System

Salon Booking System is a comprehensive and user-friendly appointment scheduling system designed to streamline your business operations. Enabling more reservations on your website, it saves you valuable time managing your agenda. Since its launch in 2015, the plugin has gained popularity, with over 10,000 websites worldwide relying on it for their appointment management needs. 

Salon Booking System has proven to be effective for a wide range of industries, including hairdressers, barbershops, beauty salons, spas, mechanical workshops, therapists, tutors, healthcare centres, and Covid test centres. It is particularly well-suited for businesses that offer professional services requiring appointments for individual clients on the same date. With Salon Booking System, handling your appointments becomes effortless and convenient.

8. Simply Schedule Appointments 

Simply Schedule Appointments is a user-friendly WordPress plugin for booking appointments. It is highly regarded by over 20,000 businesses, with an average 5-star rating. Setting up the booking calendars is quick and easy, and your customers will enjoy the seamless process of scheduling appointments.

With the free Basic Edition, you get unlimited booking calendars, customizable notifications, advanced scheduling options, and the ability to embed calendars using various page builders. You can also customise the appearance of the booking calendars to align with your brand. The plugin supports multiple languages and integrates seamlessly with WordPress and other popular plugins like Events Calendar and WP Fusion.

Not sure which is the best scheduling plugin for your needs?

Choosing the ideal booking plugin depends on your specific requirements and budget. For a comprehensive and feature-rich solution suitable for large enterprises, Amelia stands out as the top choice. 

On the other hand, if you prefer a freemium option that allows you to test the booking software before implementing it for your clients, Simply Schedule Appointments is a suitable booking plugin. Fortunately, both of these plugins offer seamless integration with Divi, a popular page builder for WordPress. 

Additionally, if you need a booking plugin that enables you to set specific start and end times for appointments, Appointment Hour Booking is the recommended option for your WordPress website.

Do you still have any questions about these appointment-booking plugins? Let us know in the comments!

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