Top 20 Free Web UI Kits & Templates

As somebody who design and make for the web, we are much lucky that there’s such a wide range of other designers out there that can help us. Whether it’s from answers on StackOverflow, to tutorials on sites like this, to freebies that we can use in our designs, the design and development community have always been great at helping others improve.

One thing that I’ve found especially useful when working on web apps and sites are the beautifully designed UI kits that have been released for free. UI kits can be extraordinarily useful when you want to get an app up and ready quickly, without compromising on the aesthetics and usability. A well designed UI kit can help a website build its visual identity and feel, instead of looking like a mishmash of different buttons, checkboxes and form fields.

The UI templates are available in many different formats, with PSDs, as expected, heavily represented, but there is also a noticeable increase in the number of templates that are available in Sketch format as well. Enjoy!

1. Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

Download: Bootstrap 4 UI Kit (Sketch App)

2. Google Inbox UI Kit

Google Inbox UI Kit (Sketch App).

3. Pages UI Web Kita

Download: Pages UI Web Kit (Sketch App).

4. Landing Page Free UI Kit

Download: Landing Page Free UI Kit (Photoshop PSD & Sketch App).

5. Landing UI Kit

Free Landing UI Kit (Photoshop PSD & Sketch App).

6. Event Pro User Interface Kit

Download: Event Pro Interface Kit (Photoshop PSD).

7. Liquid Web GUI Kit

Download: Liquid Web GUI Kit (Photoshop PSD).

8. Facebook Analytics UI Pack

Facebook Analytics UI Pack (Sketch App).

9. Kauf Web UI Kit

Kauf Web UI Kit (Photoshop PSD).

10. Chart UI Kit

Download: Chart UI Kit (Sketch App).

11. Elton UI Kit

Download: Elton UI Kit (Photoshop PSD).

12. Coco UI Kit

Download: Coco UI Kit (Photoshop PSD).

13. Food & Drink UI Kit

Download: Food & Drink UI Kit (Photoshop PSD & Sketch App).

14. Epic UI Kit

Download: Epic UI Kit (Photoshop PSD).

15. Summer UI Kit

Download: Summer UI Kit (Sketch App).

16. Wintera Free UI Starter Kit

Download: Wintera Free UI Kit (Photoshop PSD).

17. Spot UI Kit

Download: Spot UI Kit (Photoshop PSD).

18. Creative Mind Blogging UI Kit

Download: Creative Mind Blogging UI Kit (Photoshop PSD).

19. macOS Desktop Kit

Download: macOS Desktop Kit (Sketch App)

20. Joocy UI Kit

Download: Joocy UI Kit (Photoshop PSD).


So there you have it – a roundup of my favourite UI kits, all available to download for free. If you know of any others, or if you’ve created any that you’d like to show off, I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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