How to add a copyright watermark pattern on photo with photoshop

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Today in  this adobe photoshop tutorial, we will understand how to easily put in a copyright watermark design on images. If you are one of the numerous digital professional photographers or designers who is employing the web nowadays either showing a client the task you’ve done for the coffee lover or to showcase your portfolio, one of the major concerns is that someone out there is going to steal your work. we’re going to see how easy it is to do. follow these steps:

Step1  –  Open photoshop  and open new blank document with a transparent background

Go to File menu > New… > New Document

Step2  – Copyright Information

Select the type tool or pressing T on your keyboard, And type your copyright information.

to display copyright symbol ©

  1. On mac press Option-G
  2. on Windows Alt+ 0169

now rotate your text with 45 angle 

Step2  – Trim The Document

for trim, go to image menu  > trim

  • you must select the Transparent pixels

Step3  – Define a Pattern

Now go to Edit > define A Pattern

Type your Pattern like copyright watermark

Step4  – Close  copyright watermark document

Now Close  copyright watermark document  and open your original image


Step5  – Add A New Layer

Shortcut key To Add A New Layer

  1. Shift+Ctrl+Alt+N in windows
  2. Shift+Command+Option+N in Mac

Step5  – fill the copyrighted pattern

Edit menu> Fill  and select the copyright watermark pattern

Step5  – fill the copyrighted pattern

Now  select the copyright watermark pattern

Step5  – manage  The Opacity


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And there we have it! That’s how to protect your images with a copyright watermark pattern on photo with adobe photoshop


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