How to create and edit light box (popup box) in pagewiz

Lightboxes (popup box) are a multi-functional that tool you can use to display media, forms, additional copy, and much more. Lightboxes  help keep your landing pages simple. In this tutorial, we will learn how to put Lightboxes in your pagewiz landing page template.

1. Create new landing page template with pagewiz

To create lightbox (popup box) in pagewiz you must create a new page in pagewiz.


2. Design your lightbox (popup box)

When you create a new page in pagewiz here you can design your Lightbox (popup box) and you can put in the image, video, forms, and more on this page.


3. Publish your design page

When you complete design of  your lightbox (popup box) then publish it. You must copy the link of your lightbox (popup box) page.

4. Open your main page where you want to insert lightbox

Now open your main pagewiz landing page where you want to insert lightbox (popup box). Now select button to put lightbox (popup box).


5. Insert Lightbox (popup box)

Now click on the button, and click on setting


When you click in setting then you can see the Lightbox (popup box)

Now give a link to your lightbox (popup box) page. Which you have designed and select on “lightbox popup” option, fill the Width and Height and click on “Apply”   Now publish your page And you can see the lightbox (popup box) on your landing page.


6. Testing (live preview)

If you want to see lightbox (popup box) in pagewiz template check live preview here :live Demo

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