How to schedule automatic blog posts in WordPress

WordPress has a so many cool hidden feature that allows you to schedule your blog post automatically. In this post i will show you how to schedule your blog posts in WordPress.

Benefits of Scheduling A Blog Post :

There are so many benefits of scheduling posts in WordPress. Think about this: you are scheduling, say at 09:00 AM of every morning. Now, you publish a new blog post at this time everyday, and your readers expecting that you will be posting new content every morning at 09:00 AM.

where you may not have access to internet that time it can be helpfull. Now Lets see !

How To Schedule Blog Posts in WordPress:

Step 1. First create your post using the WordPress post editor as you like. Now, before publish, you need to set the date and time at which you wish to schedule your post. In the Publish section, look for the Publish ‘immediately’ text, and press ‘edit’.


Step 2. After press on ‘edit’, you can now set the date and time for scheduling the blog post automatic. you can also select the month from drop-down menu and set the year also. Same way you can set the time in hours and minutes.


Step 3. After selected the time and date, press Ok button. You will now see that ‘immediately’ has changed to the date and time that you entered, and the Publish button is see now Schedule button.


Now your blog post is ready to go, you can press ‘schedule’ button, and it will be scheduled for the specified time by you.


By a regular publishing articles at specific times of the entire day, you can create a dedicated readership because your visitors will come to anticipate new content from you at specific time, and at the same time, gain new traffic, follower and improve your search rank in serach eangine like google, yahoo etc.

If you like article please share your opinion, If I missed anything else, please let me know in the comments section below. Thank you 🙂

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