WordPress vs MotoCMS

WordPress or MotoCMS is the question brainstorming in majority of site users and developers who are desperately waiting for turning their business into productivity.

Digging into exploration on the best content management system might land you up in the dilemma whether to choose Word Press or MotoCMS as they are two ruling content management system platforms in current trend.

Comparison between these two content management systems might fetch with which option to choose. Both the platforms develop websites and possess their own significance along with few risks; selection of best depends on entrepreneur business type and situation. Walkthrough the article and get clarity on what suits your business for getting best result.

WordPress: What it is?

WordPress is a software used for blogging and building websites. It can be downloaded and installed into system for free of cost as it is an open source software. The software is facilitated with themes, templates and plug-ins necessary for website development.

Moto CMS: What it is?

MotoCMS is a CMS software that contributes in development of flash and HTML websites. Downloading and installing the software requires money. However, trial pack is also available for testing services of the software prior to purchasing.



MotoCMS was evolved in the year of 2008 that is after WordPress has been come into existence. Initially, it was named as Flash Moto but later on in the year of 2010 it was rebranded as MotoCMS.


Evolution of WordPress was in the year of 2003. Initially, it was best suitable for bloggers for posting their blogs freely in the internet. From the time of evolution Word Press has fame as content management system. The software, Word Press is well known throughout the world for its best way of building a website.

There is misconception that WordPress services are completely free. User needs to pay for hosting their website in Site Ground. In contrast to Moto CMS, WordPress is better when investment is taken into consideration.

Comparing Prices for Both Content Management Systems

WordPress is available on internet for free of cost, just you need to download and install it. But, while hosting a website one needs to spend only few bugs. Remaining all services of the software like that of utilizing templates, plug-ins, widgets and themes can be utilized directly without paying anything. So, very less amount of investment is needed for developing website with Word Press services.

For downloading and installing MotoCMS software you are supposed to have license that are to be purchased. After purchasing the software, don’t feel everything is ready for development and you can setback with relaxation and start up, you need templates in the middle of the development process again buy it and use it. Even plug-ins in Moto CMS should be purchased.

Since, investment is made in development my product output will be good is the thought of many site users or developers. Content Management Systems are not directly proportional to investment. Depending upon business type choose your platform for development.

When to choose which platform for development of site

Business for which website is required to promote requires alluring appearance rather than professional type, MotoCMS can be chosen. For instance, e-commerce sites should showcase products with colors so MotoCMS provides with features required to run ecommerce site.

When professional websites such that of corporate sites are to be developed then WordPress is the right choice. From the time of evolution WordPress is known for best blogger so more amount of content required for providing information in sites can be feasibly showcased with excellent content placement features of WordPress.

One among the special features of WordPress is multiple blogging where user can view content avoiding scrolling down which is usually done on webpages to view more.

Coding skills are mandatory for website development with these platforms?

Moto CMS

A person with zero knowledge on coding can also work on development of website with MotoCMS.

Word Press

Only few tasks while handling website development can be performed if there is no knowledge on coding. For leveraging Word Press to the core it is mandatory to have exploration of coding languages such as HTML

Availability of Plug-ins

Features added to a website with plug-ins drives in smooth running of website development with productivity. Person developing a website can really feel relaxed when such features are easily provided for them in huge quantity and of free cost. Word Press makes such fantasy of developers to come true!!!


WordPress provides with more plug-ins freely in contrast to that of Moto CMS. It offers around 31,000 plug-ins including social media widgets which are must useful in these days to gain fruitful results. And moreover all these plug-ins are of free cost that means increase in possibility of productivity with no investment for plug-ins.


MotoCMS brings you only very few number of plug-INS. If it’s worthy to go ahead with such few plug-ins as they provide with flash kind of features you need to pay for plug-in. Most of the plug-ins MotoCMS provide can be available in other content management systems without incurring even any penny.

Few plug-ins MotoCMS offers are social media, galleries, i-frames and maps.

Support!!! What if problems arouse while installing and development

Though majority of stuff is provided in the internet for downloading, installation and development of website still user might have stuck somewhere in the middle where support is required.

MotoCMS is best in providing support with number of options when WordPress is to be compared with it.

Support a Word Press provides includes training.

Whereas, MotoCMS ensures their users receives best support by providing options of live chat, e-mailing issues and availability on phone for twenty by seven. Call back option in support service makes customer feel even more special.

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