7 Amazing Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers

Check out this list of 7 Amazing Chrome extensions for social media marketers, and start saving some valuable time and effort at work.

1. MozBar

The MozBar extension offers a simple alternative for people just starting out with SEO. Within Google search, this extension allows you to see the Page Authority and Domain Authority of any links. You can also click “Page Analysis” to get a list of inbound links to any piece of content. This is valuable for marketers looking to track links back to their blog posts or webpages.

SEO – Search engine optimization is a huge part of successful content marketing. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most misunderstood parts. People new to SEO often find the tools to be complicated or too advanced, and their content suffers as a result.

2. Pinterest Pin It Button

The extension throws that little ‘p’ logo into the top of your browser—reminding you to pin things. Then it facilitates that process by automatically pulling up images from whatever page you’re visiting, and allowing you to pin the image of your choice to the board of your choice. You can also edit the description and add any context you feel is important.  If the tiny icon isn’t enough of a reminder, as you scroll through a page hovering over an image will bring up a tiny ‘Pin it’ button which you can click to the same effect as the extension.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly will make sure your messages, documents, and social media posts are clear, mistake-free, and impactful. Adding Grammarly to Chrome means that your spelling and grammar will be vetted on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, and nearly everywhere else you write on the web. Once you register your new account, you will start to receive weekly emails with personalized insights and performance stats (one of our most popular new features). Working on a large project, an essay, or a blog post? No sweat. You can create and store all of your documents in your new online editor.

4. Evernote Web Clipper

Use the Evernote extension to save things you see on the web into your Evernote account. Goodbye, bookmarks. Hello, Web Clipper! Clip the web pages you want to keep. Save them in Evernote. Easily find them on any device.

– Highlight key text from any website or article
– Use text and visual callouts to draw attention
– Share and email clips or create a URL link

– Special formats for LinkedIn, Amazon & YouTube
– Clip Gmail threads and attachments
– Clip as entire page, selection, or simplified article

5. Share to Facebook

Easily share any link to Facebook, Groups, and Messenger – Click on the Facebook button at any time when you’re on a website and more. Easily share any link to Facebook, Groups, and Messenger.

6. Save to Facebook

Save things you want to come back to later. Save things to Facebook to read, watch, buy, share, or revisit them later.

This is the official Save to Facebook button. It makes it easy to save things you discover from around the web so you can get back to them to later. Only you can see the things you save.

Over 300 million people Save on Facebook every month for the things they discover throughout the day.

7. Page Analytics by Google

Analytics Chrome Extension allows you to see how customers interact with your web pages.

The Page Analytics Chrome Extension allows you to see how customers interact with your web pages, including what they click and don’t click. Use these insights to optimize your website layout, improve user experience, and increase conversions. When you view a web page for which you have Google Analytics access, you’ll see:

Google Analytics metrics: Pageviews, Unique Pageviews, Avg time on page, Bounce Rate, and %Exit Number of active visitors, in real time In-page click analysis: (where users click)

You can use the Google Analytics date comparison and segmentation tools directly in the extension.  Pages you are tracking with the Google Analytics code for an account your Google account login has access to will appear like this in your Chrome browse.

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