8 Best WordPress eCommerce plugins

Are you trying to expand your business and looking for the finest WordPress eCommerce plugins?

One of the most well-liked website builders for eCommerce business owners is WordPress. One of its many advantages is having access to all the potent eCommerce plugins.

You may swiftly and effectively grow your online business with the use of these tools.

To help you develop and build your online business, we’re thrilled to provide the top WordPress eCommerce plugins in this article. We’ll also go into why these WordPress eCommerce plugins are the finest in their field.

1. WooCommerce

2. Easy Digital Downloads

3. Ecwid. 

4. BigCommerce

5. Cart66 Cloud  

6. MemberPress  

7. Shopify

8. WP EasyCart

1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the most favoured eCommerce plugin for WordPress, used by online retailers and small- to medium-sized business owners. It’s an open-source plugin that allows you to sell digital and physical goods on your WordPress site.

With WooCommerce, you can easily establish and enhance your online store, and start selling products quickly.

Furthermore, the large community of WooCommerce developers makes it easy to create a custom online store tailored to your needs. Additionally, there are hundreds of free and paid extensions available to enhance your store’s SEO and drive organic traffic.

The WooCommerce plugin supports payment methods such as BACS, PayPal, and Cash on Delivery, and you can add more payment options through add-ons.

2. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is a great choice for WordPress eCommerce plugins if you’re looking to sell digital goods such as eBooks, music, and software. This plugin is specifically designed for online shops that sell digital downloads, providing a wide range of features to sell products in various formats. Customers can select the version of the product they wish to purchase when it’s embedded in a post or page.

If you’re not planning on selling physical goods, you may find the interface of WooCommerce to be overwhelming. However, EDD is tailored to selling digital goods, making it simple to add products and start selling on your store right away.

Key Features

  • Integrated payment support for PayPal and Stripe
  • Customer management panel
  • Built-in download and transaction reports
  • Extensions to expand the site’s functionality

3. Ecwid

Ecwid is a high-quality eCommerce platform that operates as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. It enables businesses to use various social media networks as sales channels and seamlessly integrates with WordPress to create an online store.

With Ecwid’s WordPress integration, all dashboard and configuration panels are imported into WordPress, allowing you to manage products, sales channels, and payment methods from your WordPress dashboard. The Google Ads configuration panel is already included in the plugin, enabling you to select Google Ads packages and create advertising campaigns all in one place.

Although you need a third-party program to use the analytics tool, it’s easy to download from the dashboard. Additionally, a free analytics app from Kliken is also available.

Ecwid supports several payment options, including Stripe, Square, and PayPal for online transactions. The plugin also accepts manual payments such as cheques, cash on delivery, and bank transfers. Furthermore, when you integrate your store with well-known couriers, the plugin automatically estimates delivery costs.

4. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is an all-in-one eCommerce platform that offers a headless solution, meaning that the eCommerce infrastructure runs separately from the WordPress core. By connecting your BigCommerce account to a WordPress website and setting up the back end of your online store from the BigCommerce dashboard, you can quickly and easily manage your eCommerce business.

The BigCommerce WordPress plugin provides a framework for running your online store, offering product blocks to embed product listings on WordPress pages. You can easily manage various aspects of your store, such as promotions and discount codes, from the intuitive BigCommerce dashboard.

In addition to its core plans and enterprise solution, BigCommerce provides powerful marketing tools, including the ability to generate promotional materials and discount codes, as well as abandoned cart emails to help you recover lost sales.

5. Cart66 Cloud  

Cart66 is an eCommerce solution that provides a WordPress plugin and a suite of connected services that address common issues such as payment security, email receipt delivery, and secure digital product storage and delivery.

The platform’s built-in recurring billing engine makes it easy to sell memberships, subscriptions, or physical products on a recurring basis. With Cart66, you don’t have to worry about securing digital products, setting up SMTP servers, or ensuring PCI compliance for payment gateways.

Everything you need is conveniently located in one place, making it easy to manage your online store without having to search through marketplaces for different tools. The platform is supported by a dedicated team committed to ensuring your store runs smoothly. Join Cart66 to enjoy a hassle-free eCommerce experience.

6. MemberPress

Memberpress is a top WordPress plugin designed for selling digital products and services on a subscription basis. It offers a range of integration options, including WooCommerce, and provides powerful access control features to manage user access levels and content restrictions. With its content dripping feature, you can release paid content over time, similar to Amazon Prime shows. Additionally, the built-in course builder allows you to create and sell courses easily. MemberPress also supports third-party extensions for added functionality.

7. Shopify

WooCommerce and Shopify are frequently compared because of their popularity and similar functionality. Similar to WooCommerce, Shopify provides a wide range of simple-to-use tools and capabilities to build a complete eCommerce site.

But Shopify’s WordPress integration functions differently than that of its rival. Because it is a hosted eCommerce store builder, it can host your online store without the help of a different hosting company. To sell goods on your WordPress website without a plugin, simply turn on the Buy Button option.

Shopify provides a 14-day free trial but doesn’t have a free plan. WordPress integration offers 100+ payment methods, infinite products, core eCommerce capabilities, sales tracking, and support for several currencies.

Strong search engine optimisation (SEO) options are also available from Shopify. You may also change the robots.txt file to tell search engine crawlers to go to particular URLs for better rankings. All Shopify themes are also mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly.

8. WP EasyCart

A strong WordPress plugin called WP EasyCart provides simple-to-use shopping cart functionalities. It offers a thorough yet condensed report for simpler performance analysis, and integrations are additionally offered with a number of well-liked payment gateways.

You are only allowed to sell retail items under the free plan. Only PayPal, Stripe, and Square are available for payment collection, and each transaction will include a 2% application fee. The community forum is the only channel for receiving support.

Application fees are eliminated and additional product possibilities, such as memberships and digital downloads, are unlocked by upgrading to the Pro plan. With WP EasyCart, adding new product entries is also straightforward thanks to a sidebar pop-up. Furthermore, more than 30 payment gateways are prepared to accommodate international transactions.


WooCommerce is the ideal option if you want the most control, flexibility, and features.

Easy Digital Downloads is the ideal WordPress eCommerce plugin for you if you offer digital products like eBooks, software, music, or other items. EDD hosting from SiteGround allows you to get going with only one click.

BigCommerce is your best option if you don’t want to handle all the technical aspects of creating an Internet business. It enables you to use WordPress as your content management system in conjunction with a SaaS eCommerce platform.

That’s all we hope this article helped you find the best WordPress eCommerce plugins for your site.

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