How to create horizontal form in Unbounce

Forms are a foundational element for lead generation landing pages. How you design your forms has a huge impact on your conversion rates, and dictates the information that will come your way once a lead has converted. There are several more advanced uses of forms including pre-filling form fields, UTM tracking, and multi-step forms. In this article i will show you how to create a horizontal form in unbounce .

step 1: Take form

Open your unbounce template editor and take form

step 2: Copy bellow script

  // unbounce-horizontal-forms 05090fe
  function HorizontalForm(a,b){var c=this;this.spacing=a,this.submitPlacement=b,this.$=window.lp.jQuery,this.$(function(){c.$form=c.$(".lp-pom-form").eq(0),c.$fields=c.$("div.lp-pom-form-field"),c.$button=c.$(".lp-pom-form .lp-pom-button").eq(0),"manual"!==c.submitPlacement&&(c.$fields=c.$fields.add(c.$button)),c.doLayout()}),this.$(window).resize(function(){c.doLayout()})}HorizontalForm.prototype.doLayout=function(){for(var a,b=this.$fields.eq(0).width()+this.spacing,c=this.$fields.eq(0).height(),d=this.$form.parent().width()-this.$form.position().left,e=0,f=0,g=0;g<this.$fields.length;g++){a=this.$fields.eq(g),f=0===g?f:f+b,f+b>d&&(e=0===g?e:e+c+this.spacing,f=0,c=a.height());var h=e;if(a.is(".lp-pom-button"))if("newline"===this.submitPlacement)h=e+c+this.spacing,f=0;else{h=e+19;var i=this.$form.find(":text").eq(0).height();a.css("height",i-1+"px")}else this.$(a).children("label").length||(h=e+19);a.css({top:h+"px",left:f+"px"}),a.height()>c&&(c=a.height())}this.$form.css({right:"0",width:"auto",height:e+c+"px"})};  
  // First parameter is spacing between fields, e.g. 20px
  // Second parameter is submit button placement. Options:
  //    - 'inline': in line with the fields
  //    - 'newline': on a new line
  //    - 'manual': wherever you place the button in the page builder
  new HorizontalForm(20, 'manual');

step 3:  Past the script

now past your script in javascript

step 4: Save and publish

now save your landing page and publish it

NOTE: In the unbounce template editor you can see vertical form but when you save and publish it then you can see horizontal form in Live Preview

step 5: testing

you can check the horizontal form in unbounce : Live Preview

Thanks for checking out our tutorial, go ahead and share your experiences with the world using the comments below!

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