How to Upload/Import Unbounce Template

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In this tutorial we will go thru the options on how to import or upload templates to your Unbounce account.

Once you’ve scouted out the perfect third-party template (either from ilmosys market or another source), there are just a few steps to complete in order to upload the template to Unbounce. By following these steps you’ll be able to transfer your template over to Unbounce so you can get cracking!

Note: You can only upload “.unbounce” files into Unbounce.

1. Click Upload an Unbounce Page in the upper right:

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2. Click Choose File.

3. Select the .unbounce file from your computer:

4. Click Upload (you’ll see the progress of your file as it uploads)

5. Wait a couple of minutes while we unpack your file and add it to your account. You’ll get an email as soon as your new page is ready to use.

You can now edit and duplicate the page(s) just like any other Unbounce page(s)!

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